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about me

First of all lets start with 4w1h analysis....

who am I ????.....

ans: "Bayu Indrawan"

.....what am I ????

ans: "human"

where am I ????.....

ans: "somewhere called 日本 (read:nihon)..."

.....why am I ????

ans: "because....hhmmm.... **confused"

how am I ????....

ans: "fine :-p"


surely, its hard for me to describe my self.... just get closer to me, than you'll know about me :-)

"just an ordinary guy that will never be tired to learn"

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0 bayu 2011-07-26 13:09 #2
thx M...
0 M 2011-05-15 07:36 #1
nice blog :)

someone miss ya alot...

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who am I ???

  • bayu

    Bayu Indrawan, simple man with complicated life...

    proud to be born as Indonesian....

    and now trying his fortune in the middle of nowhere called 日本 (read:nihon)


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